DoxCycle updates

Are there any updates planned for DoxCycle?

Specifically, some of the items we have been asking for for a few years:

  • Being able to import boxes 28A through C to TaxCycle,
  • Having DoxCycle ignore boxes that can’t be imported or that create an override, such as Box 19 on the T4A(OAS), Box 20 on the T4A(P), Boxes 11,12, 25 and 26 on the T5,
  • Being able to import the foreign currency from the T slips,
  • Importing data from T5013s,
  • … and all of the other things requested/suggested from prior years?

As has been mentioned before, it seems that nothing ever gets done with DoxCycle. So I guess the ultimate question is, does Trilogy consider DoxCycle dead?


Matthew, it already imports them to taxcycle if you check it for box 28 a,b,c

Thanks I will try that. In the past I have never been able to get it to work.

I see what you are saying about the boxes being there for box 28 in DoxCycle. It would be nice if DoxCycle was able to extract that information from the slip and check the box. That part has never worked for me. Has it ever worked for you?

ocr is finicky