DoxCycle document naming

When I go through the Classification Assistant to classify a multi-page document in DoxCycle, it would be great if the text I enter in the “Who is the Issuer” field populated the description not only for the individual pages (as it currently does), but also for the top level Group.

You can see in the attached picture that the description defaults to the same name as the document type, which is pretty useless. But I sorted those through the Classification Assistant and set to have all the document description be 2020, so why not have the top level group also be 2020 automatically?

DoxCycle default naming

I’m changing those manually all the time for anything to do with investments document that are multi-pages, especially when a client has multiple accounts (e.g. T5 packages, T3 packages, T5008, Foreign Reporting), as well as the prior year’s NOA and various other multi-page documents.