Asset Disposition value incorrect

this is in version 6.0.30947.0 on a 2015 T1 Return, for a T776 Asset being disposed of.

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I tried and copy this and mine worked ok

It works in 2016 but not in 2015.

tim I did it in 2015 and did not get the print out you did

I can replicate the error on version 6.0.30939.0. One like for Tim for finding a bug.

If you fill out the form as follows it works like this

However if you change this cell to yes…

you get this

He is correct, the error appears to be in 2015 and works correctly in 2016. I did not check earlier modules.

Not really me finding the bug. See Taxboard discussion for proper credit.

Do not get over there that often these days so we will give you the credit here