All clients doubled

On my Windows 2012 R2 server, I updated the the directories and moved all the files to take better advantage of the smart directory feature.

  1. I stopped and started the client manager service on the server
  2. I indexed the folders and selected remove file information
  3. I stopped and stared client manager service on the server.

Now all my clients are showing two of all my clients: One link to the actual file, the second link is a dead link. How do I remove the dead links on the client computers.

Have you tried to reindex the folders?

It sounds like you:

  • Stopped the Client Manager Service, then
  • Moved the files,
  • Started the Client Manager, then
  • Specified a new set of folders to index.

This would have (I believe) caused the Client Manager to identify the new folders and the files within the folders, but would not have removed the old files. Reindexing tells the computer to wipe what it knew before and build from scratch.

For the sake of trying again:

  1. I reset the folders to monitor
  2. Changed the folders to monitor to the UNC folder on the server that contains all the tax files (selected search sub-directories). Only three folders are being monitored (Profile data, Tax cycle data, private data for my personal tax return and corporate returns, and only tax files are stored in each of those main\sub folders)
  3. Told it to index the folders, I did have the “Remove all file information” selected
  4. Restared the client manager service
  5. Restarted Tax cycle on the server
  6. Did a search for a client in Tax cycle running on the server, the dead links still exist from the old folder structure, plus the live links to the new folder structure

The dead links from the old file directory still exist in client manager, and only for Tax Cycle files. Profile files did not double up. Which makes sense, I didn’t touch the directory structure for where my Profile data files are stored.

You’ve got me at this point. I would call support as to why this is happening and how to fix.

The people at support are quite good.

This issue is resolved.