Add licence informaiton to shared options

Is it possible to add the license information to the shared options.

So if I add the license to my computer, it pushes to all the computers using the shared option package.

It is very annoying that I have to go to each computer to log in to enter the new license every year

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I do not see a need for this myself iam fine to go to each unit give me a reason to get up and walk around the office

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Agree, just one less thing to worry about here also.
I haven’t messed with it but one maybe could push the license out through
Group Policy but it’s potentially a bit more complex then just having
right with Options Package.

I have not looked at group policy; however, I have asked for active directory integration so I can control the users of the program and what they can do.

  1. Benefits of active directory integration include auto fill the name of the person preparing the return;
  2. Ability to assign users as preparer, 1st reviewer, 2nd reviewer and have Taxcycle track;
  3. Changes to the file can be tracked by the actual user;
  4. Ability to limit what each group in #2 above can do, i.e preparers cannot sign off certain queries etc
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I do not know how many computers you have in the office; however, i would rather do client work than computer support. I do like the way Caseware works, the install program has you license key included in the install program.

Sage 50 is nice since it auto installs the license information when you install the program,

Quickbooks is useless since I have not been able to activate the program over the internet for three years, have to call in to get the codes and do it manually.

Since Taxcycle has a call home option for activation, I should only have to key my log in information once and forget about it; however, every year I have to go to each computer and login again. and again and again…

I have a few how many do you have that it take up your time and I never have to sign back in every year?

Hmm, that is interesting. Wonder why I have to sign in every year to get the new license information?

I sign in once on the machine and that it but you say you have to sign in again again I just do it once per machine

It happens during the new module release every year. The new license is not updated. Maybe it is related to Windows 2008 server network