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2017 Suggestions

  1. The second reviewer can uncheck the highlighted box in their options, and they will see all the messages that have been signed off by the first reviewer:

… one way to handle that…

Country does not carry forward in T5013

And review message appears twice

  1. I would like to see the program either automatically generate new folders for the modules based on the previous years or some sort of rules we can define rather than just using the program defaults that save to the C drive.

I am sure there could be an automated process that could be implemented for those of us using a server rather than just one desktop computer.

You added the 2017 T5 module recently and I did not notice it until today to setup the folder for it when I went to reprint a T5 for a client

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  1. High on the list of important items, not, remove from AFR(REP)(TDD) the account balance with CRA, as it is already on SEND. Also, either remove the field for amount under appeal, but preferably, allow input on that line. Would be even more preferred if you could get that amount from CRA.
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  1. Consider dealing with the country XXX from AFR. I am sure there is a very bad joke here.

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  1. cannot remember if I said this already.

Could we get a quick fix to use AFT number?

  1. Is there a better way to look at this diagnostic

AFR is rounded to nearest dollar so maybe ignore the pennies for the diagnostic. In my example, it is still out $1 due to rounding over the years.

On carrying forward a couple from Visual Tax all T3 and T5 slips are treated as belonging to principal taxpayer, even if some belong 100% to spouse/clp. I would like to see a way to transfer a slip to the other return, preferably without losing the prior year amount.


I think this option could be helpful.

  1. Minor formatting error on Pension summary form could be fixed

  1. maybe the attendant care question(s) can be included here with its own line on medical expense form

i.e option A or B

  1. This error message should be reconsidered especially if the AFR matches

In this case we have a Manitoba resident that paid some PPIP premiums

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  1. T5008 export to excel could automatically include tax year in name

DoxCycle: When scrolling down through documents on the right hand side, it would be great if the side bar selected document moved down to show which one is currently on display.

  1. it would be nice if we could have an alternate way to prepare invoices in the T1 module. Actually this could be used for all modules.

I would like to define a set list of services and the corresponding price (like I can in the inventory and services modules of Sage 50 and Quickbooks) so I can prepare an invoice like I do in the accounting software rather than the current way.

When I prepare the invoice, I would like to select the service code and it would insert the billing description for that line and the amount for the invoice. @cameron - if you are not sure what I mean, give me a call.

  1. I have mentioned this to @Cameron already. With the addition of AFR to the preparation of returns, I would like to see Taxcycle have the ability to “push” the slips to Doxcycle.

For instance after I have all the slips entered into Taxcycle and have done AFR, I would like to have a scan slips button in Taxcycle. Clicking that button (if you have a twain scanner) would then scan the slips and since the slip is entered, Doxcycle would be able to quickly match the slip to the slip entered into Taxcycle reducing the manual time in filing.

The same can be true for donations, once I enter the donations into Taxcycle, I could place the slips in to my scanner and press scan donation slips and Doxcycle could use the information in Taxcycle to populate the fields in Doxcycle.

Same goes for medical

Doxcycle could still OCR the slips and flag any values that it could not match in Taxcycle diagnostics for the reviewer to look at. We could have a quick fix to either accept what was entered or update to the Doxcycle OCR. If we accept what was entered, the Doxcycle OCR would be updated accordingly.

If the taxpayer is deceased, we could have a right click option on the date of death cell to scan the will, scan the death certificate etc.

The options are endless. Doxcycle becomes a repository of the information we need to respond to CRA’s assessment reviews etc.

  1. I think I have a potential solution to a previous request for the ability to roll forward scanned documents in the Doxcycle file tot he next years file.

I suspect it is difficult to pick certain documents in a pdf file and copy them to a new file; therefore, how about allow us to setup the subsequent years Doxcycle file now and link it to the current year file? Maybe have a different background colour for the subsequent year file and when a return is carried forward regardless if they use carry forward or carry forward and link, the new file is created and the “carry forward file” from the previous year is automatically linked to the new file as the current file documents and all.

If option 54 is implemented, there would need to be a diagnostic in Taxcycle to say that there was carry forward slips in the Doxcycle file.

  1. When I drag a pdf from an email into Doxcycle, I would like the option to tell Doxcycle what the the pdf is. For instance if the client emails me all his investment statements, I would like to tell Doxcycle that on mass rather than getting 50+ pages of unclassified documents


tell Doxcycle if i want those pdfs included in a grouping

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  1. It would also be nice if Taxcycle would consider the box values already entered into the software to match more of the AFR slips up front rather than defaulting to new slip every time.
  1. This feature should be included in all modules not just the T1.

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