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2017 Suggestions

  1. There should not be an AFR query for this line in the T4 entry screen


The discussion about foreign currency on T5008s reminded me: It would be nice to have DoxCycle pick up box 27 on T5s and post that to TaxCycle.

It would be nice to be able to email a print set from both spouses and/or family members at once. For example, we have a “documents for signing” e-courier print set that we send to out of town clients or those who can’t make it in to the office. We would like to either include every taxpayer in the file in one PDF or be able to create separate PDFs for each person at once based on the print set and have those all attached to one e-courier email instead of having to send multiple emails.


A family print set

  1. Add the ability to prepare a basic invoice in the T3 module. I guess that would be helpful for the other modules as well.
  1. Could these cells carry forward year to year in the T3 module?

and these

I also find that the allocation does not work as seamless as I expect

  1. T4 Clergy residence deduction box will NEVER agree with CRA’s T4 so the warning: ‘T4 slip issued by ‘EMPLOYER’ does not match the Auto-fill my return values. Use values for AFR’’ doesn’t make sense to me.

You fill it in when the employer provides a taxable benefit for housing which eligible for the the clergy housing deduction.That line is not on the T4, so why the warning?.

Personally, I have opted for ‘Never show this message for any clients.’

  1. It would be nice to have the Part XI.3 Tax return added to the T3 module

In addition to the T4A-RCA slip and summary

  1. The second reviewer can uncheck the highlighted box in their options, and they will see all the messages that have been signed off by the first reviewer:

… one way to handle that…

Country does not carry forward in T5013

And review message appears twice

  1. I would like to see the program either automatically generate new folders for the modules based on the previous years or some sort of rules we can define rather than just using the program defaults that save to the C drive.

I am sure there could be an automated process that could be implemented for those of us using a server rather than just one desktop computer.

You added the 2017 T5 module recently and I did not notice it until today to setup the folder for it when I went to reprint a T5 for a client

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  1. High on the list of important items, not, remove from AFR(REP)(TDD) the account balance with CRA, as it is already on SEND. Also, either remove the field for amount under appeal, but preferably, allow input on that line. Would be even more preferred if you could get that amount from CRA.
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  1. Consider dealing with the country XXX from AFR. I am sure there is a very bad joke here.

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  1. cannot remember if I said this already.

Could we get a quick fix to use AFT number?

  1. Is there a better way to look at this diagnostic

AFR is rounded to nearest dollar so maybe ignore the pennies for the diagnostic. In my example, it is still out $1 due to rounding over the years.

On carrying forward a couple from Visual Tax all T3 and T5 slips are treated as belonging to principal taxpayer, even if some belong 100% to spouse/clp. I would like to see a way to transfer a slip to the other return, preferably without losing the prior year amount.


I think this option could be helpful.

  1. Minor formatting error on Pension summary form could be fixed

  1. maybe the attendant care question(s) can be included here with its own line on medical expense form

i.e option A or B

  1. This error message should be reconsidered especially if the AFR matches

In this case we have a Manitoba resident that paid some PPIP premiums

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