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2016 Child

Not sure if this problem existed earlier or if it crept in with a more recent update but a child entered born in 2016 is showing up in the “number of eligible children” on T778.

Why would you be entering a 2016 child on a 2015 return? Put a note in your file that a child was born in early 2016 so that it gets added to the 2016 return.
The program counts used lines, not birthdates (a much more complicated set of code).


We will investigate and respond tomorrow.

@dklassencga -

We should allow for 2016 children to be entered on the return, and we should account for them correctly, and we do look at the birthdates. Children born after the current tax years can affect some the off the benefits that we also estimate.


~ Cameron

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Thanks for pointing this out, Arliss.
Our condition in the count of eligible children was not excluding children born after the tax year.
For 2016, that condition has been added.